Casino review: what it should include

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Laying out a review about an online casino might seem like an elementary task to perform, but it’s an enduring and tiresome process, that requires many hours of research and first-hand experience (which erstwhile became an ordeal).

Firstly, your initial pursuit is to form an opinion regarding which casinos to critique. There is a wide variety to choose from, and you can easily lose your way, if you don’t set your focal point towards a distinguished target. A split focus, between several casinos, will not provide the required outcome, since focus is a vital factor for a well written and successful review. When you approach a casino review, you are an inspector that a part of his job is collecting small details and putting the puzzle together.

The review should begin with an introduction paragraph which hands out a detailed background of the casino and its owners and/or operators. Keep in mind that your reader is possibly attending to deposit hard-earned money using that casino’s cashier, so you better expand your research, using any mean for that. Try to go beyond the narrow world of online sources, because that is information that your user can fetch as easily as you do. Remember that you have a responsibility for your readers, and your counsel could, potentially, lead them to some unpleasant situations, in a case that you had not researched deeply enough and gave a false testimony about that casino.

If you are new in the business, you better keep your efforts towards the high-end known casinos, because they are well known in the market and only on rare occasions they will be accused of scamming their costumers (even though this is not a definite fact – absolute poker has been charged with fraud, despite of a long and steady reputation). As a newcomer, you probably don’t have the tools to differentiate between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”, so you better rely on the industry reputation.

As for the review itself: after the introduction, you should put out as much information as you can about what the casino offers to players. This includes discussing the its free version, deposit options, games variety, pros and cons and some generic details like where it’s physically located.
The closing paragraph should be on a personal note, of your experiences when playing in that casino. This is what, eventually, makes your review unique and worth reading. This is the added value that takes part from a selling page that will have no real affect, to a page that sells because it contains a language and situations that the reader can relate to.

If you had troubles cashing out or cashing in, had your software blocked by your antivirus or had any kind of mishap that could drive the reader AWAY from this casino, don’t be afraid to include it in your trailing text. This will show the user you are VALID, and you could direct him to some other casino from that page, where you had better experiences. I can assure you this works.

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