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If you seek for bonuses and freeroll tournaments, usage of the search-term “free poker” in a search engine, is likely to provide you with askew reuslts.

The term “free poker” is habitually wielded for two main objectives:

While you are, feasibly, pursuing for inestimable bonuses that will enlarge your bankroll upon registration or deposit; others might look for an untroublesome flash game which will enable them to learn the rules, or practice their skills.

Further scrutinize of the demographics of those who strive to find flash games will demonstrate some facts that are likely to have occurred to you before: it’s mostly males (as the main demographics of those of search for online poker) and they are usually underage – something that should raise a red flag for us. The mixed results of the first page consists of both harmless browser poker games and children-endangering poker rooms reviews, bonus offers and freerolls (that target the adult audience).

In such pages, where there’s an actual chance (or even a squeak, for the canny webmasters) that non-targeted audience will prowl into them, it is highly important to highlight the fact that the content of this page is  not intended for the usage of teens. Using this modus operandi, you could increase your credibility among your bull’s eye audience and make sure you don’t harm innocent children along the way.

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